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SO... the end?
So you all came home from the [info]Island, right? I'm sure you're waiting from the unpleasant catch just after. In fact, in a fit of generosity, the island has decided to give a gift to all its captives, new and old, gone home and still here.

Now, you are fully capable of paying your friends in other world's visits. Kind of like the good ol' AU meme. How is this possible? Fuck logic! You're now an inter-dimensional traveler. You're welcome!
[info]islandbox is the Aftermath of Island; a dressingroom based on worldhopping. Of course, the island is still there, and there's nothing stopping you from paying a visit. However, you are most definitely free-- freer than free, actually! You can go anywhere you want for being such a good sport about that getting kidnapped thing.
What now?
Oh, there are some rules.
Any player who has been at Island, past or previous, and any character is free to post and tag and do as they please. Just remember to let us know who you are in the OOC comments. We gotta keep track of you people!
The primary rule is have fun. There's a lot of new doors open for you and your characters here. You all know not to be huge jerks so just mind your fellow player and the golden rule and we'll be peachy. A more official rules post will be down there in the links, describing the mechanics of the game as well.
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